Healing Organizations through Blockchain

There is an affliction over our governments and corporations that many view as a terminal illness.

The power has always rested with the people, though, and it has only been through our over-reliance upon external organizations that we have become so dependent upon our enslavers. The shift past this Age old dynamic of Rulers and Peasants can happen as suddenly as one can wake.

The natural resources of Earth are taken and make immense profit for few, while the remaining people are subjected to taxes simply to exist. We can do better: but this is no plea for some sort of -ism.

Radical new technologies, such as the blockchain algorithm behind Bitcoin, are providing us the tools by which we may be able to build a better society. A decentralized society, where people are free to align with capitalistic or socialistic circles depending upon their own preference. A place when trust and reputation are the most valuable things one can possess; a time where voluntary transparency shines light on the darkest pits of corruption.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is an entity that has done tremendous good on this planet, and outrageous bad as well. Perhaps most of all, their greatest fault is consistently protecting those who already have the most power in the U.S., while disproportionately affecting those who are suffering from society’s collective insanity.  (Further analysis of all that in another, though…)

We do not have to bring out the guillotine in order to radically shift the behavior of the oligarchy’s employees. The majority of police do want to help others. We can work with them to disclose the corrupt aspects of their organizations, anonymously. We can come together and bring about restorative justice… without having to wait for our favorite political party to finally get its shit together.

On 4/17, I initiated the “Courtesy Notice” process with the F.B.I.. This same process can be used by any individual or group seeking Justice. This notice states:

  • Who initiated the public investigation
  • What I have claimed they have done wrong, according to which legal code
  • How people can electronically submit evidence
  • What ways they can prove they have internally fixed the problems
  • That a public consensus meeting will occur to discuss all aspects of the evidence
  • If the group has consensus, the matter may be resolved or the organization may be deemed Illegitimate
  • Agents of Illegitimate organizations may also have their digital reputation tarnished after the consensus meeting

The entire document, and evidence that it was given to the “Respondent”, is digitally notarized – placed in a decentralized ledger, called a blockchain. Other pieces of evidence can be stored in this same manner, so that way one group can not manipulate the evidence to their advantage.  More specifically, I am using BitNation’s notarization service.

Because this investigation is not meant to be taken super seriously, people can also submit evidence over Twitter using #FBIJustice, and to a GitHub repository which will track any changes made.

It may not seem like the F.B.I. will publicly repent because of this gesture. But there is the possibility that their agents may share additional evidence about just how deep the corruption goes, or at the very least, the agents can see evidence that someone is pulling their bosses’s bosses’s strings.

Most importantly, though, is that these time-stamped notices and evidence will provide a foundation for devaluing the agency’s reputation. Right now, we rely upon central authorities such as Uber and Airbnb to manage reputations. Soon, though, ever person and organization will have a collection of ratings, and this collection forms the basis of whether or not they are honorable and participatory members of society.

Decentralized reputation systems will pressure people to not participate in organizations that allow murderers to go free. Eventually, it will affect all walks of their life, from finding a buyer on craigslist to a right swipe on Tindr. As agents of the oligarchy begin to realize that there is SOME liability for their actions, their behavior will shift towards being more responsible members of society.

This inward pressure will either compel the bad actors to be forced out, or cause the organization to implode.

The pyramid is flipped on its head.




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