FBI Public Evaluation – For Immediate Release

D.C. Superior Court Hears Evidence of F.B.I. Corruption; Dismisses Charges
Florida Man had Vandalized F.B.I. Headquarters with “CORRUPT” Days before Election

On Monday 4/17/17, Obama-appointed DC Judge SALERNO allowed the defendant to share evidence of FBI corruption in D.C. Superior Court. This came after the judge dismissed “Tristan” Eric Roberts’s charges of DEFACING FEDERAL PROPERTY and RESISTING ARREST.

His arrest on 11/5/16 became the scene of a brawl on Pennsylvania Avenue, as protesters identifying with the group ANONYMOUS clashed with DC Metropolitan Police in front of TRUMP TOWER in an attempt to free him. ROBERTS had been rollerblading when he was tackled, less than an hour after he had “twerked” on the hood of a police car in order to prevent it from driving through the protest.

JAMES COMEY, FBI Director, had days prior to the brawl and election announced a second investigation into CLINTON’s emails, as furnished by the NYPD after they seized WEINER’s copy of his wife HUMA’s e-mails marked as “LIFE INSURANCE”.

Police found stencils and spray paint on his person, and he was held over the weekend with three other protesters from the Million Mask March. ROBERTS claims he had been participating in ‘FREE DC‘ – an augmented reality activism game based on Bitcoin. Another participant – ROBERT AUTHEMENT – at the March was charged for spray painting the DC city streets over a hundred and twenty times.

ROBERTS had been forbidden from enter the heart of DC following his arrest. Hours after his case’s dismissal, a group of activists served the FBI with a notice of a Public Evaluation for  “Negligent Application of Justice” on BitNation’s digital jurisdiction Pangea.

Contact: aitheric@protonmail.ch


Video of Brawl on Pennsylvania Ave

Video of Twerking 

Video of Twerking 2

Other Video Clips from 2016 Million Mask March

Photo of Vandalism 1

Photo of Vandalism 2

Transcript of 4/17 Court Hearing Available Upon Request

Video of FBI Service Available Upon Request


FBI Vandalized Story (NBC)

Judge Biography

BitNation Pangea: Digital Jurisdiction

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