The Revolution will not be Centralized

A storm is brewing on the horizon.

We can feel the shift in our guts. Our intuitions whisper of impending, perhaps even cataclysmic, social upheaval.

While the Establishment doubles down on their methods of control that seem to be losing their grip, a global movement of building out a better future is flourishing.

The trend towards Centralization – of consolidating power, from kings to nations to super powers – seems to be reversing.  The bloated military of the US Empire is desperate to prove itself but is ultimately insolvent; brands such as Pepsi and United are struggling to maintain any sort of credibility.

The foundation for a shift towards Decentralization is the next generation of technology – blockchains – which holds the seed of a freer and fairer society. Similar to the Internet back in the 1980’s, blockchains are just starting to be used, and it is hard to imagine how they will come to transform life as we know it.

This blog will attempt to do just that, though!


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