We are at a crossroads in humanity's evolution.

Will we experience a transition into abundance, transcending our violent, scarcity-bounded heritage?
Or will exponential technologies such as bio-engineering and blockchains be our Tower of Babel; exacerbating inequalities rather than truly reaching heaven?

Every mindful choice you makes brings you closer to the reality your spirit designs.


 Born days before the fall of the Berlin wall in the swamps of Florida; rain and internet were respites from a sweltering environment
 Soothed by Portland's downpours while attending Reed College. Grappling with the hard problem of consciousness via the cognitive and neuro sciences
 Reaching the limits of empiricism, undertaking a self-reflexive thesis on conscious perception before pursuing taoism and kriya yoga
 Compelled by love to move to D.C., programming at a non-profit while organizing activists
 Abdicating the illusion of stability, global nomadism co-creates a brighter future; embodying an integral way of being


These are some of the ways my intentions are expressed.

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Most of the art and photos on this page came through other humans.

Photo on Origin section courtesy Isra Khan.

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